I Saw You Dancing (Yaki-Da)

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Yaki-Da - I Saw You Dancing , альбом "I Saw You Dancing" 1994г.


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Вступление: Gm Dm A Dm D    Gm Dm A Dm D


    D         Gm       
I saw you dancing
Gm                         Dm                       
And I'll never be the same again for sure
Dm            A        
I saw you dancing
  A          Dm      D    
Say Yaki-Da my love

I saw you dancing
And I'll never be the same again for sure
I saw you dancing
  A         Dm
Say Yaki-Da

       F      C                F       F7  
I'm waiting for a chance
      B         F        
To get to know you
   Gm           C    
To ask for a dance
         F     C              F      F7   
Just look into my eyes
       B                    C    F    
And I'll take you to paradise


     Gm          Dm    
I'm falling, I'm falling
           A                       Dm 
Cause life's not easy for me

Please touch me like you do
To have you near me
To go where you go
Why waste a lot of time
My love is not a serious crime


     Gm         Dm    
I'm falling to pieces
  Dm                         A 
Who do you think you are
   A                         Dm
Maybe I've gone too far

  D             Gm              
Maybe I'm in love with you
        Dm                        A 
Don't hurt me or treat me bad
   A            Dm                   Gm  
Cause I will fight for what is mine
Say Yaki-Da...
   A                         Gm    
Cause life is meant for living

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